There is only one point I want to make: being gratefulBeing grateful to Yu-Jie, who comforted me, had fun with me, went through difficult times when just arrived, supported me when frustrated and fed me very well (-__-), which sometimes confused me the place in which I’m studying.

Being grateful to Yong-Chen, who entertained me basically whenever she made a gesture.

Being grateful to my family, who supported me all the way through the time when depressed to the time of cheerful sharing, who share me anxiety, small talk and intellectual discussion.

Being grateful to the British, who constantly remind me the beauty of Taiwan, especially in terms of food and weather, and who effortlessly help me to remember how stubborn and stupid they are, when incessantly knocking at my door, looking for someone I had told him not exist in this flat, and coming back again and again.

Being grateful to those of my friends who tolerated my abscence from the world for a long period of time becasue of the stress here.