Qmobaby is getting bigger, in her size and ambition as well.

I should be working on my essay for the meeting on the 12th, yet couldn’t. Dear qmobaby was having fun with the drawers in my study room, which distracted me a little bit. However, this was not the worst yet. Her curiosity grew even bigger. She became interested in my books borrowed from the library when almost the same time starting to tear them apart. Tactically and swifting rescued my books and myself from highly possible penalty for damaged books, here I sat, in front of another laptop, murmuring to you.

Well, actually, it is not so bad a thing. We like her to play around, as long as we could afford the damage or the mass. This is good for her mental and physical development. We like to watch her playing. It is quite enjoyable. She always invents her own way of playing with things and develops different ‘relationship’ with them too. Ice cream boxes are her tools for playing hide and seek, in single mode. Her head is not so big yet and can really hide away from us, or from someone she imagines, with those boxes. She uses the glass of oven as her own mirror, practicing the wave (Queen’s wave), smiling at the mirror or again playing hide and seek. Hide and seek is always the best game one can have with babies or young children. I don’t know why, but certainly they love the game. Qmobaby likes it also. More interestingly, she plays the game with the strangers, like old ladies on buses.

One other thing we like is to see her imitating our gestures and pronunciation. She is at the time to learn to speak and express herself more effectively. She is doing well and is doing it with lots of fun, not only for us but also for her. We of course like to see her practicing verbal communication, and she enjoys the power of words as well. She demands people to hold her, feed her, bring things to her, play with her … So, sadly, I have three bosses now. :P